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Black Car Service 

Transportation experiences

crafted for professionals 

No mixups. No delays.

Reliable transportation is call or click away. 

"Your chauffeur is ready and waiting at the designated pickup"

On time. Every time. 

The pursuit of passion doesn't stop when you leave the office, and schedules don't wait for traffic, missed turns, or delays. 

Booking for your client or organization? 

Make the necessary arrangements in advanced and get special deals when you book multiple rides. 

North America EXECUTIVE TRANSPORTATION utilizes a highly vetted, global network of reliable drivers to ensure that there is a ride wherever you need it, whenever you need it. 

We specialize in punctuality and reliability. 

Have a tight schedule?

Professional environments for 

working or relaxing without intrusion.

Mercedes S-Class 



Lincoln  Navigator L

Luxurious interior: High-quality materials, ergonomic and massaging seats, and an ambient interior lighting system.

Interior Comfort: Spacious and opulent interior with leather seating, and adjustable seats with massage features.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Connectivity: Equipped with the latest MBUX infotainment system, voice command, a high-resolution touchscreen, and seamless smartphone integration.

Silent and Serene: Air suspension and

E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL system adapt to road conditions for an impeccably smooth ride. Advanced acoustic comfort package uses specialized glass and insulation materials to create an exceptionally quiet cabin. 

Advanced Technology Features: Wi-Fi connectivity, multiple USB ports, and a sophisticated infotainment system keeps you connected and productive.

Smooth and Quiet Ride: Adaptive suspension and sound-deadening materials create a peaceful environment conducive to making phone calls, thinking strategically, or simply unwinding.

Lincoln Navigator

Upcoming Events in San Diego

Book a ride in advance.

Don't deal in uncertainties

when it comes to your transportation.

Reliable, refined, on-time. 

   Jesus, San Diego, CA

"Love the overall experience from pick up to drop off. I never fail to mention to everyone else how

easy it is to just schedule yourself an appointment."

Ash Marcus

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Jamie Lane

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Riding with 

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